Course Description

Ocean Optics:
Radiative Transfer and Inversions of
Ocean Color Remote Sensing

19 July – 30 July 2004

An intensive two-week, cross-disciplinary, graduate-level course- in radiative transfer and remote sensing inversions will be taught at the Darling Marine Center in summer 2004. The major theme of this course is the link between ocean color (remotely sensed reflectance) and in-water optical (e.g. absorption, backscattering) and biogeochemical (e.g. dissolved organic matter, phytoplankton absorption) properties. Remotely sensed ocean color provides an unparalleled coverage of the Earth’s oceans in both time and space. The capability to invert that signal into oceanographically relevant variables is a crucial step in using ocean color in oceanography applications. Of particular interest is moving beyond the prediction of chlorophyll pigment in case I waters to the prediction of inherent optical properties in optically complex coastal waters. This course is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, the National Aeronautic and Space Administration, and the University of Maine with the goal of preparing a new generation of oceanographers with knowledge of radiative transfer and capabilities of using ocean color remote sensing in diverse oceanic waters.

Course elements include:
• Lectures on the basics of the theory of light interaction with matter, radiative transfer and remote sensing;
• Forward radiative transfer modeling (Hydrolight) to predict the light field from inherent optical properties;
• Inverse models to retrieve in-water optical properties from ocean color;
• Ocean color data analysis.

Instructors: Emmanuel Boss, Curtis Mobley, Collin Roesler
Date: July 19-30, 2004
Cost: Tuition, room and board will be covered through an ONR/NSF grant. A $200 DMC fee is required from all students to cover additional expenses associated with the class.


Emmanuel Boss
Ocean optics & physics
School of Marine Sciences
University of Maine
Collin Roesler
Phytoplankton optics & observatories
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences
Boothbay ME

Curtis Mobley
Ocean optics
Sequoia Scientific, Inc


Dirk Aurin
Shane Bradt
Wilhemina Clavano
Alexander Dadashev
Giorgio Dallolmo
Maeva Doron
Callie Hall
Tiho Kostadinov
Keleigh McAllister
Deepak Mishra
Colleen Mouw
Matthew Oliver
Eric Rehm
Michael Sauer
Wayne Slade
Pauline Stephen
Mary Ann Tiffany
Peng Wang

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