Ocean Optics:
Observing ocean biogeochemistry with optics

Class Sponsors:

National Science Foundation
Office of Naval Research


A list of papers, books, etc. that we will be referencing in either the lectures or lab work.
Light and Water by Curt Mobley

A Blue Sky History by Pedro Lilienfeld

Matlab Tutorials:
A partial list of Matlab tutorials on the WWW. Some are older than others. Luckily, most basic operations have not changed between versions.

Current Coastal Ocean Observatories:

Ocean Research Observatories Interactive Network's list of ocean observatories
Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System
Coastal Ocean Observation Lab at Rutgers University
Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory

Optical Oceanographic Instrumentation Links:

Sea-Bird Electronics
Sequoia Scientific Inc.
Hobi Labs
CODAR Ocean Sensors
Webb Research Corp.
SeaSpace Corporation

Associations, Workshops, and Meetings:

American Society of Limnology and Oceanography
The Oceanography Society
American Geophysical Union
Estuarine Research Federation
Optical Society of America
Ocean Optics Conference 2004

Career Tools:
looking for a job in marine science? Here is a partial list of some helpful websites and job postings to get you started!
Aquatic Network
TOS Jobs

Darling Marine Center
University of Maine
193 Clark's Cove Rd.
Walpole, Maine 04573 – 3307, USA
(207) 563-3146