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[03-18-14] UMaine News features Thomas Leeuw's new app! Read the article here.

[02-14-14] Thomas Leeuw (graduate student, School of Marine Sciences, University of Maine) has released his HydroColor water quality application. This app uses the iPhone camera to determine the reflectance of natural water bodies. Using this information, HydroColor can estimate water turbidity between 0 and 80 NTU. A complete description can be found here.

[10-18-12] More than 310,000 spectra of particulate absorption and attenuation have been processed from the Tara Ocean cruise. Data can be found here or on SeaBASS.

[10-18-12] A new Tara expedition is planned which will circumnavigate the Arctic ice from May to November of 2013. The Arctic Ocean is an area of intense interest as it is believed to be most affected by climate change, an area where global ocean-color bio-optical algorithms perform poorly, and an area where, due to its remoteness, sampling has been extremely sparse (as of 5/26/12 SeaBASS contained only 177 samples of HPLC collected north of 66N in the upper 10m of the water column). In addition to the optical measurements that were done during Tara Oceans (particulate absorption and attenuation using AC-s, backscattering, attenuation and fluorescence on CTD package and HTSRB reflectance at stations) we've proposed to supplement the in-line system with 1) a WETLabs ALFA (Aquatic Laser fluorescence analyzer), 2) a Mote marine lab automated system to measure system absorption using a 1m long ultra-path fiber optics capillary waveguide, and 3) in-line backscattering measurements.

[05-22-12] Merging Biology and Optics - an interview with Thomas Leeuw, M.S. candidate in Oceanography in the MISC Lab.

[02-10-12] Lee is on board TARA for the next leg (New York City to Bermuda), 02-12-12 through 02-22-12.

[12-24-11] Follow TARA OCEANS! Emmanuel will be the Chief Scientist on the next leg (12-28-11 through 01-22-12) of this global expedition studying marine plankton.

[11-30-11] Mechanical Arm + Internet = Realtime Profiles of Particles Near the Seafloor [USGS Story]

[11-30-11] MATLAB code for measuring seawater inherent optical properties in and out of the water.

[08/27/10] New project data available for profiling floats.

[08/24/10] New videos from Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry Based Approach now available.

[08/16/10] Our popular supplement to Oceanography magazine - Teaching Physical Concepts in Oceanography: An Inquiry Based Approach - has now been translated into Spanish, French, and Catalan.

[08/04/10] Seeing the Light

[05/26/10] The Ocean Optics Web Book, a continually developing community resource for optical oceanography, has been published to the WWW. Initial content provided by Curtis Mobley, Emmanuel Boss, and Collin Roesler.

[01/04/10] Several new publications added to the website.

[06/12/09] Scientists Make Breakthrough In Assessing Marine Phytoplankton Health (media hits)

[05/28/09] Eerie Red Glow Traces Ocean Plant Health

[05/10/09] Three new publications added to the website.

[02/05/09] One new publication (Direct contribution of phytoplankton-sized particles to optical backscattering in the open ocean) added today, along with the latest surface and profile data for Float 0015 (now on profile #253).

[01/23/09] A couple of new publications added today, along with the latest surface and profile data for Float 0015 (now on its 250th profile).

[01/09/09] One new publication added along with the latest surface and profile data for Float 0015 (now on its 246th profile).

[12/08/08] A couple of new publications added along with the latest surface and profile data for Float 0015 (now on its 241st profile).

[07/11/08] Data for the GP506 Equatorial Box project have now been posted.

[06/13/08] We've added one new peer-reveiwed, scientific publication and one new abstract to our website. See also our newest movies posted on the misc page...

[05/28/08] Congratulations to MISC Lab member Meg Estapa for her NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship award!

[05/16/08] New abstracts and poster presentations have been added to our document repository.

[03/24/08] The 2008 Teaching Science by Ocean Inquiry workshop will be held July 21-25, 2008 at the Darling Marine Center in Walpole, ME. The goals of this workshop are to a) introduce teachers to ocean and climate related processes that can be used as a vehicle to teach general physical concepts and b) develop a network between teachers, scientists and experts in education. This workshop is intended for high school and middle school teachers who teach physics, chemistry, physical science, and/or earth sciences.

[02/21/08] New abstracts added...

[10/04/07] See our MISC page for photos and movies, and our education page for a new Hands-On Oceanography article on diffusion by Lee, Emmanuel, and Jim.

[06/28/07] Data for the Equatorial Box project added to the website.

[05/10/07] We've updated our research page to reflect new grants recently won.

[04/20/07] Output of computations of optical properties of spherical and nonspherical particles added to the website.

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