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Sherwood, C.R., P.J. Dickhudt, M.A. Martini, E.T. Montgomery, and E.S. Boss, 2012. Profile measurements and data From the 2011 Optics, Acoustics, and Stress In Situ (OASIS) project at the Martha's Vineyard Coastal Observatory, U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2012 - 1178. LINK
Loftin, J., 1998. Environmental and fishery performance of Florida artificial reef habitats: guidelines for technical evaluation of sites developed with state construction assistance. Florida Department of Natural resources Project Report R/FDNR-4.
Loftin, J., 1997. Effects of habitat and fishing mortality on the movements, growth, and relative weights of juvenile-to-adult gag (Mycteroperca microlepis). Final project report, National Marine Fisheries Service MARFIN program, Grant Number NA57FF0288.
Boss, E., 1996. Dynamics of potential vorticity fronts. Ph.D. Dissertation. School of Oceanography, University of Washington.
Boss, E., 1994. Effects of nutrient storage and photoadaptation on phytoplankton. Proceedings, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Summer Program, Woods Hole Oceanographic institution Technical Report, WHOI-97-18.
Boss, E., 1991. Inertial motion and chaotic dispersion of Lagrangian particles on a rotating Earth. M.Sc. Thesis. Dept. of Oceanography, Institute of Earth Sciences, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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