Articles describing environmental sensors built with Arduino:


Andrew D. Wickert 2014. The ALog: Inexpensive, Open-Source, Automated Data Collection in the Field. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 95:166–176. [PDF @:]


Bo Yang, Mark C. Patsavas, Robert H. Byrne, Jian Ma, Seawater pH measurements in the field: A DIY photometer with 0.01 unit pH accuracy, Marine Chemistry, Volume 160, 20 March 2014, Pages 75-81, ISSN 0304-4203, [PDF @:].


Leeuw T., E. S. Boss, and D. L. Wright. 2013. In situ measurements of phytoplankton fluorescence using low cost electronics. Sensors 13:7872–7883 [PDF @:].



Some more resources:


Stroud Water Resource Center has a page with tutorials regarding Arduino based data loggers for sensors:

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