SMS 598: Small scale fluid dynamics

# of credits: 2.

 Team taught by:

Pete Jumars


Emmanuel Boss



This course focuses on fluid dynamics on scales relevant to organisms living in the benthos, the bottom boundary layer, the pelagic realm and in complex environments such as estuaries. The class will cover the equations governing fluid motion in general and fluid motion at boundaries (organism, bottom) in particular. Hydrodynamic forces and scaling will be discussed. The class will also cover issues related to fluid flows such as solute flux to and from organisms and encounter rates. Focus will vary in breadth and depth dependent on student interests.

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Grading in the class will be based on weekly assignments (70%) and a term paper (30%).

Primary text books for the class are:

Vogel, 1981, Life in moving fluids, Princeton University Press.

Denny, 1993, Air and Water, the biology and physics of life’s media, Princeton University Press.

Class will be devoted to lectures, demonstrations and paper discussion.

Class will be taught at both the Orono Campus and the Darling Marine Center by arrangement.