Syllabus, (last updated 11/22/2009):


Date 2009


Labs/Discussion Paper/homework/additional material


31 Aug.

Organization. Introduction to Particles in aquatic media. Handout [PDF]. Discussion notes [PDF].

Assignment [PDF]

Class response [PDF]

2 7 Sept.  Labor day. No class.  


14 Sept.

Colloids: the Boundary between the dissolved and particulate Phase. Interaction of particles and the dissolved phases. Absorption, adsorption, desorption, dissolution and solute uptake.

Guest: Dr. Mark Wells.

Readings: Gustafsson, O. and P. M. Gschwend, 1997.  Aquatic colloids:  Concepts, definitions, and current challenges.  Limnology and Oceanography, 42:  519-528.

Verdugo, P., Alldredge, A.L., Azam, F., Kirchman, D.L., Passow, U. and Santschi, P.H. 2004. The oceanic gel phase: A bridge in the DOM-POM continuum. Mar. Chem. 92, 67-85.

Lead, J. R. and Wilkinson, K. J. 2007. Environmental Colloids adn Particles: Current Knowledge and Future Developments. In Environmental Colloids: Behaviour, Structure and Characterisation, eds Wilkinson, K. J. and Lead, J. R. IUPAC Series on Analytical and Physical Chemistry of Environmental Systems, Vol. 10. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, Chichester, Chapter 1.

Lab: 1-2:15pm, Laboratory on measurements of particle size distributions of sediments using: Sieves, X-ray Sedigraph, and Settling tube. @ Dan Belknap's lab (1st floor of Bryand Global Sciences Center).

Assignment [PDF]. Data for assignment (link). Answer to assignment [PDF].


21 Sept.

Particle Size Distributions and their calculus [notes].


Jackson, G. A., Maffione, R., Costello, D. K., Alldredge, A. L., Logan, B. E., and H. G. Dam, 1997. Particle size spectra between 1um and 1cm at Monterey Bay determined by multiple instruments. Deep Sea Research, 44, 1739-1767.

Lab: beam attenuation (introduction, instructions, worksheet)


28 Sept.

No class: Boss out of town.

Assignment: Read notes in preparation for next class. Review your calculus.


5 Oct.

Conservation equations in fluids. Navier-Stokes and Reynolds decomposition [notes]. Lecture slides [PDF]

Settling lab + homework [PDF]


12 Oct.

Fall break. No class.



19 Oct.

Factors affecting settling of particles [PDF].

Lab: playing with the SNOW [Lab] Matlab package [link], explained in Thygesen and Kiorboe, 2002 [PDF]

Related articles:  Khoel et al., 2003 [PDF], Visser, 2001 [PDF], Johnson et al., 1996 [PDF], Karp-Boss et al., 1996 [PDF], Dietrich, 1982 [PDF], .


26 Oct.

Particles Dynamics: Aggregates, flocs, and coagulates [notes].

Lab: playing with Jackson's "simple" particle dynamics code [PDF].

Reading: Jackson, 1990 [PDF] and notes for software [PDF];


2 Nov.

Single and bulk particle optical properties [PDF].

Read: Clavano et al., 2007 [PDF]


9 Nov.

Reynolds decomposition and eddy stresses. Bottom boundary layer dynamics +particles [PDF].

Lab: making ripples.


16 Nov.

Surface BBL [PDF]



23 Nov.

Waves and the wave boundary layer.

Discussion: biology and ocean mixing.

Lab: waves


30 Nov.

Particle Erosion and Deposition, Bed transport.



7 Dec.

Particles in Beds.



14 Dec. (finals week)

Presentations of final projects

Presentations of final projects

Text books:

Allen, J. R. L., 2001. Physical Sedimentology, Blackburn Press, 272pp.

Boggs, Sam, 2001. Principles of sedimentology and stratigraphy. 3rd edition, Prentice Hall, 726pp.

Boudreau, B. P., 1997. Diagenetic Models and their implementation. Springer, 414pp.

Dyer, K. R., 1986, Coastal and Estuarine Sediment Dynamics. John Wiley & Sons, 342pp.

Middleton, G. V. and J. B. Southard, 1984, Mechanics of Sediment Movement, SEPM short course, 2nd edition, Providence.

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Winterwerp, J. C. and W. G. M. van Kesteren, 2004, Introduction to the physics of cohesive sediment in the marine environment. Elsevier.

Relevant courses on the WWW:

Sediment Dynamics and Boundary Layer Physics from Dr. Jeff Parsons at the University of Washington:

Sediment Transport Process in Coastal Environments from Dr. Courtney Harris at the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences:

Marine geological processes from Dr. Russ McDuff of the University of Washington:

Benthic Boundaries from E. D. Gallagher of UMass Boston:

Multi-authored edited books (I will have those on my shelf):

Particle Flux in the Ocean, 1996, Edited by V. Ittekot, P. Schafer, S. Honjo, and P. J. Depetris. John Wiley & Sons Ltd.367pp. (to download book chapters go to: )

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Suspended Solids in Water, 1974, Edited by R. J. Gibbs, Plenum Press, 320pp.

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Special volumes of journals:

Aggregation in Marine Systems, 1995, Topical Studies in Oceanography, Deep Sea Res. II, 42.

Sediment Transport Processes in Estuaries, 1989, Special issue of the Journal of Geophysical Research, 94 (C10).

Sediment transport models on the WWW:

See in: