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Ocean Optics Class 2023

Welcome to the “Calibration & Validation for Ocean Color Remote Sensing” a.k.a. the Ocean Optics Class. This is an intensive, four-week, cross-disciplinary, graduate-level workshop in Optical Oceanography located at the Bowdoin College’s SCSC. This workshop is a continuation of the Optical Oceanography course first offered at the Friday Harbor Laboratories in 1985 and from 2001 to 2019 at the Darling Marine Center and since 2021 at the SCSC. Past graduates are many of today’s leaders in oceanography.

The major theme of the course is calibration and validation of ocean color remote sensing. The course will provide students with a fundamental knowledge of ocean optics and optical sensor technology that will enable them to make quality measurements, assess the uncertainties associated with the measurements, and compare these data with remotely sensed ocean color measurements and derived products. The course is sponsored by NASA, the University of Maine and Bowdoin College, with the goal of preparing a new generation of oceanographers trained in the use of optics to study the oceans.

modis ocean color

Instructors: Emmanuel Boss and Collin Roesler (coordinators), Ivona Cetinić, Meg Estapa, Andrew Barnard, Kelsey Bisson and Jeremy Werdell with Charlotte Begouen Demeaux and Patrick Gray as the teaching assistants and guest lectures by Optics Class alumni.