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Karp-Boss, Lee, E. Boss, H. Weller, J. Loftin, and J. Albright, 2009. Teaching physical concepts in oceanography: An inquiry based approach. Oceanography Volume 22, Number 3 Supplement. LINK | Videos

Jumars, P.A., J.H. Trowbridge, E. Boss, and L. Karp-Boss, 2009. Turbulence-plankton interactions: a new cartoon. Marine Ecology 30, pp. 133-150. PDF

Gopalan, B., E. Malkiel, L, Karp-Boss, J. Sheng, J. Katz, 2008. Diffusion of Particles in Isotropic Turbulence Using High Speed Digital Holographic Cinematography. 2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Orlando, FL, March 2-7. Abstract

Jumars, P.A., L. Karp-Boss, K. Dorgan, L.J. Fauci, E. Boss, and J.H. Trowbridge, 2008. Turbulence Effects on Plankton: A New Cartoon. 2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Orlando, FL, March 2-7. Abstract

Karp-Boss, L., H. Weller, E.S. Boss, J. Albright, and A. deCharon, 2008. Teaching Physical Concepts by Ocean Inquiry: Reaching Pre- and In- Service Teachers. 2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Orlando, FL, March 2-7. Abstract

Sills, N., L. Karp-Boss, H. Weller, E.S. Boss, 2008. Teaching Science by Ocean Inquiry: Bringing the Ocean to the Classroom. 2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Orlando, FL, March 2-7. Abstract

Townsend, D.W., L. Karp-Boss, and M.A., Thomas, 2008. Bloom Dynamics of Alexandrium Fundyense: The Role of Competitive Interactions. 2008 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Orlando, FL, March 2-7. Abstract

Cetinic, I., L. Karp-Boss, E. Boss, M.A. Ragan, and B.H. Jones, 2007. Red tide optical index: in situ optics and remote sensing models. Eos Trans. AGU, 88(23), Jt. Assem. Suppl., Abstract OS23E-12. Abstract

Karp-Boss, Lee, L. Azevedo, and E. Boss, 2007. LISST-100 measurements of phytoplankton size distribution: evaluation of the effects of cell shape. Limnol. Oceanogr. Methods 5, 2007, pp. 396-406. PDF

Karp-Boss, Lee, E. Boss, and J. Loftin, 2007. Diffusion at Work: An Interactive Simulation. Oceanography, Hands-On Oceanography, September 2007, pp. 127-131. PDF

Karp-Boss L., L. Azevedo and E. Boss, 2006. Optical measurements of phytoplankton size and volume concentration (LISST-100X): Applications and limitations. Ocean Optics Conference 2006, Montreal, Quebec. Abstract | Poster

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deCharon, A., L. Karp-Boss, E. Boss, S. Graham, A. Manahan, and H. Weller, 2006. Investigating the Ocean-Climate System, Concept by Concept. 2006 Fall Ocean Sciences Meeting. Abstract

Karp-Boss, L., E. Boss, and P.A. Jumars, 2005. The Role of Cell Shape in Phytoplankton Ecology. A Pilgrimage Through Global Aquatic Sciences, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, June 19-24. Abstract

Jumars, P.A., L. Karp-Boss, and E. Boss, 2004. Solute Flux in Steady and Unsteady Flows Around Phytoplankton Cells. ASLO & TOS Ocean Research Meeting, Honolulu, HI, Feb.

Karp-Boss L., S. Pegau, E. Boss and P.A. Wheeler. Spatial variability of particulate and dissolved material in relation to hydrographic parameters, in an upwelling system. ASLO, Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jumars, P.A., L. Karp-Boss, D. Grunbaum, S.T. Wereley, and J.J. Riley, 2000. Lost History of Unsteady Flows at Low Reynolds Numbers. Ocean-Sciences, San-Antonio, TX, Jan. Abstract

Karp-Boss, L., P.A. Wheeler, B. Hales, and P. Covert, 2000. Organic Material in the Oregon Upwelling Zone: Distributions and Processes. Ocean-Sciences, San-Antonio, TX, Jan. Abstract

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Karp-Boss L., M. V. Orellana, P. Verdugo, and P. A. Jumars, 2000. Shear effects on Marine Polymer gels. Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Antonio, Texas.

Karp-Boss L., P. A. Jumars and E. Boss, 1999. Effects of simple shear flow on swimming orientations of dinoflagellates. ASLO, Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Santa Fe, New Mexico (invited).

Karp-Boss L., E. Boss and P.A. Jumars, 1996. Nutrient fluxes to planktonic osmotrophs in the presence of fluid motion. Oceanography and Marine Biology, an Annual Review, 34:71-107. PDF

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