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Emmanuel S. Boss
Curriculum Vitae


2005-present: Associate Professor, University of Maine, Orono.

2002-2005: Assistant Professor, University of Maine, Orono.

2002-present: Adjunct Professor, Oregon State University, Corvallis.

1999-2001: Assistant  Professor (Sr. Res.), Oregon State University, Corvallis.

1998-1999: Research Associate, Oregon State University, Corvallis.

1998: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Oregon State University, Corvallis. Postdoc advisor: J. Ron V.  Zaneveld

1997-1998: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Washington, Seattle. Postdoc advisor: Mary Jane Perry.

Ph.D. 1996: Oceanography, University of Washington, Seattle. Dissertation title: Dynamics of potential vorticity fronts. Dissertation advisor: LuAnne Thompson.

M.Sc. 1991: Physical Oceanography, w/ Highest Honors. Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Thesis title: Inertial motion and chaotic dispersion of Lagrangian particles on a rotating earth. Thesis advisor: Nathan Paldor.

B.Sc. 1990: Physics, Mathematics and a minor in Atmospheric Sciences, with Honors, in the inter-departmental honors program, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Research Interests (in alphabetical order)

Biological-physical interactions, Geophysical fluid dynamics, Lagrangian and Eulerian dynamics and kinematics, marine acoustics (relationship between backscattering, concentration of particles and size), marine optics (remote sensing as well as inversion of optical properties to obtain particulate and dissolved properties, as well as link between optical parameters and biogeochemistry), mesoscale (fronts, jets and eddies) dynamics, mixed-layer dynamics, Science teaching methodology.

Other Professional Experience

Summer Fellow, Ocean-Optics, Friday Harbor Laboratory, University of Washington, Summer 1995.

Summer Fellow, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Summer School, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Summer 1994.

Summer Student, The Israeli Oceanographic and Limnological Research, Summer 1989.

Teaching Experience

UMaine, 2003-present.

Ocean Optics (graduate), Darling Marine Center, Summer 2001

Introduction to Physical Oceanography (2nd year undergraduates), Israeli Maritime College, Fall 2000

Other Professional Activities

Chair, Ocean Optics Conference XVIII, Montreal, Quebec, 2006.

Editor, Biogeosciences.

Member, SCOR working group on New Technologies For Observing Marine Life, 2001-2004.

Member, American Meteorological Society, American Geophysical Union, American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, Optical Society of America, The Oceanography Society, and the Alliance of Coastal Technology.

Co-founder of STUPOR, the annual physical oceanography student retreat which takes place at the Friday Harbor Laboratory, with students from U. of Washington, Oregon State U., U. of British Columbia and U. of Victoria.

Reviewer for Applied Optics, Limnology and Oceanography, Journal of Physical Oceanography, Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic technology, Monthly Weather Review, Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan, Journal of Geophysical Research, Journal of Marine Research, Remote Sensing of Environment, Estuaries, Coral Reef , NASA, and NSF.

I always sign my journal reviews, because I believe it forces the reviewer, in this case myself, to do a better job. I have reviewed some papers for Elsevier journals (Deep Sea Research, Environmental Modeling and Software) but am increasingly refusing to do so due to Elsevier business practices that ruin our university libraries (e.g. Create Change).

I abstain from publishing in Elsevier journals as a first author (I cannot force my collaborators to do the same). However, in the case of a special issue (e.g. that on Crater Lake), I do contribute.

Interim topical editor, Applied Optics, July-September, 2001, August, 2003.

Invited participant of an NSF workshop on Coastal Observatory Science Workshop, 7-9 May 2002 in Savannah, Georgia and the NSF Ocean Research Interactive Observatory Networks (ORION) Workshop, 4-8 Jan 2004, San Juan, Puerto-Rico.

Field Experience

Darling Marine Center, Summer 2002, 2003, 2004.
Dead Sea and Eilat, Israel, Spring 2004.
Sacramento River, spring 2003.
Lake Tahoe, spring 2003.
Key Biscayne, Florida, August, 2002.
R/V Walton Smith, AUTEC, Bahamas, October 2001.
Crater Lake, June and September 2001.
R/V Northstar, near Leo XV, New-Jersey, HyCODE exp., July 2000/2001
LSI, Bahamas, CoBOP exp., May 2000
Eilat, Israel, March 2000
LSI, Bahamas, CoBOP exp., January 2000
LSI, Bahamas, CoBOP exp., May-June 1999
R/V 3rd love, East Sound, thin-layer exp., June 1998
R/V Barnes, Puget Sound intrusion study, April 1997
R/V Barnes, OCE201 Student cruise, April 1996
R/V Barnes, OCE460 Student cruise, April 1995
R/V Wecoma, Mixed-layer experiment, North Pacific, January 1995
R/V Thompson, OCE201 Student cruise, April 1994
R/V Barnes, OCE201 Student cruise, April 1994
R/V Hakuo Maru, Equatorial Pacific (TOGA) , November 1992
R/V Shikmona, Cyprus eddy, July 1989

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