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We participated in a U. Hawaii movie about the EXPORTS project (see 15:40-21:20) that got a gold Telly award in 2020.

MISC Lab Photos

Seeing the Light

Light and Biology in the Ocean
Guest Lecture by Emmanuel Boss
Biological Oceanography, 2006 PDF

Scientists Propose New Approach to Estimating Global Ocean Productivity Link

The Mathematical Ocean: Deriving Planetary Health from Tiny Ocean Plants Link

UMaine Scientist Uses NASA Grant to Measure Plankton Link

Remote Sensing of Coral Reefs: Testing the Waters at Biscayne National Park Link

Optic References


Teaching physical concepts in oceanography: An inquiry based approach

High Reynolds Swimmers
Low Reynolds Swimmers
Internal Wave Halocline
Internal Wave No Halocline

Cool Links

What's a cruise really like? Watch the Cruise Cruise Baby video by UNH's Coastal Ocean Observing Center.

What does an Oceanographer look like? See Rutgers' TV Commercial for the Coastal Ocean Observation Laboratory's COOLroom.

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