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MISC Lab Data

We regularly test and deploy novel commercial instruments. As such the data sets we collect are unique. We share the data we collect with the community. Please feel free to use what we've posted here, or contact us for more information. We are happy to provide our data to you with no strings attached except acknowledgment to the grant that funded collection of the data.

The Equatorial Box Project Data

NOPP Funded Profiling Float for NASA Cal/Val Activities Data

Optical Constituents Along A River Mouth and Inlet: Variability And Signature In Remotely Sensed Reflectance Data

Optics, Acoustics, and Stress in a Nearshore Bottom Nepheloid Layer Data

Output of Computations of Optical Properties of Spherical and Nonspherical Particles Data

Pilot Study for the Inclusion of Active Optical Sensors into Apex Floats Data

Profiling Floats (NASA) Data

NAAMES Profiling Floats Dashboard

TARA Mediterranean Data

TARA Oceans Data

Using Technology to Assess the Impacts of the Invasive Sea Squirt Didemnum Vexillum, on Fisheries and Ecosystems Data

Our data and MatLab code are freely provided to the oceanographic community as is. If you'd like us to notify you of changes or additions to either, please send us your email address and a note indicating which files you're using.

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