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Back from a scientific dive in Gulf of Eilat, Israel

Much of our software is now on GitHub. It includes software for inline data processing and analysis, software associated with profiling floats and ocean color remote sensing.

Code for estimation of phytoplankton accessory pigment from hyperspectral Rrs data, used in Chase et al., JGR-Oceans, 2017: pigments_from_Rrs.

Ali Chase's code for decomposition of particulate absorption spectra into Gaussian components, used in Chase et al., MiO, 2014: decomposition_code, and a newer version decomposition_code_new.

Codes for ecosystem simulations used in Behrenfeld and Boss, ARMS, 2014:

MATLAB code for measuring seawater inherent optical properties in and out of the water. Summary  Code

Software to invert remote sensing reflectance to IOPs providing confidence intervals for retreived parameter. Code  Documentation (Chapter 8 in IOCCG, 2006)

Calibrated Near-Forward Volume Scattering Function Obtained from the LISST Particle Sizer. Code  Documentation

BHMIE. Translation from fortran to Matlab of the Bohren and Huffman Mie Code. See Bohren and Huffman, 1983, Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles, Wiley. Provides all the necessary output to compute the polarized scattering matrix for spheres. Code

FASTMIE. Vectorized version of BHMIE. Code

Software to read APEX Float 0005 edf files.

Software to compute the spectral slope of beam attenuation (power-law fit). ReadMe  Example Driver  Code

Software to compute the spectral slope of dissolved absorption (exponential fit). ReadMe  Example Driver  Data File  Code

Software to compute the spectral slope of dissolved absorption (fit to exponential + constant). ReadMe  Example Driver  Data File  Code

Our data and MatLab code are freely provided to the oceanographic community as is. If you'd like us to notify you of changes or additions to either, please send us your email address and a note indicating which downloads you're using.

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