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Teaching Physical Concepts by Ocean Inquiry: Reaching Pre- and In- Service Teachers

"Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may remember, involve me reflectively and I'll understand." In our version of this old adage, the last part stresses the spirit of the inquiry-based learning that is the essence of a COSEE-Ocean Systems program developed at the University of Maine by a partnership of educators and scientists. The program offers a college course to target pre-service teachers and science majors contemplating education careers, and summer workshops to target in-service teachers. By focusing on basic physical concepts addressed by national and state learning standards and by providing hands-on inquiry-based activities and opportunities for pedagogical reflections we are able to reach out beyond teachers of marine science and beyond teachers in coastal communities, to teachers of physical sciences in inland and rural communities. We will share our experiences with problems and solutions related to the crossing of "cultural" boundaries to establish a partnership between the college of Education and the School of Marine Sciences, the recruitment and networking of participants, the development and implementation of the course and workshops, and evaluation of our efforts.

Karp-Boss, L., H. Weller, E.S. Boss, J. Albright, and A. deCharon, 2008. Teaching Physical Concepts by Ocean Inquiry: Reaching Pre- and In- Service Teachers.

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