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Profiling Floats

The following links contain information on past and presently deployed profiling floats. These floats are equipped with temperature, salinity, chlorophyll, dissolved oxygen, and light scattering sensors. Float pages are updated regularly when new profiles are available.

Floats 6959 and 4738 are the only floats still transmitting information. The quality of the data sent by Float 6959 began to deteriorate in May of 2010 and eventually stopped sending profiles in June 2010. Float 6959 is currently only sending its location. Float 4738 is currently still sending high quality profiles. Up to date individual and consolidated profiles can be seen at the 4738 link below. Information on Floats 0005 and 0015 can be found here.

To look at a stereographical projection of all float paths, select the float map link. The float map is interactive and is updated every time new coordinates are available (click on the last location of each float for trajectory and graphs).

Float Map


4738 | 6959 | 6810 | 0005 | 0015

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