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This site utilizes JavaScript (a scripting language that enables interactive web pages) for opening item closeups (popups), such as the picture windows on our photos page. If you've disabled JavaScript in your browser, this function will not run.

To enable JavaScript in Internet Explorer 5.x and above:

•  Select Tools followed by Internet Options on your browser toolbar.
•  Select the Security tab.
•  Click on the Custom Level button.
•  Scroll down to locate Scripting and verify that Active Scripting is enabled.
•  Click OK on the Security window.
•  Click OK on the Internet Options window.

To enable JavaScript in Netscape Communicator 4.x and above:

•  Select Edit followed by Preferences on your browser toolbar.
•  Click on the Advanced category.
•  Verify that Enable JavaScript is selected.
•  Click OK.

To enable JavaScript in Mozilla FireFox:

•  Select Tools followed by Options on your browser toolbar.
•  Select the Content tab.
•  Verify that Enable JavaScript is checked.
•  Click OK.

If JavaScript is enabled but you've disabled popups, you need only click on the desired link while holding down the CTRL key to open the window. Alternatively, you can enable popups from specific sites (see your browser help files for this).

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