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Mobley, C., E. Boss, and C. Roesler, 2010. Ocean Optics Web Book. Web Book
Roesler, C.S. and E. Boss, 2008. In situ measurement of the inherent optical properties (IOPs) and potential for harmful algal bloom detection and coastal ecosystem observations. In: Real-Time Coastal Observing Systems for Ecosystem Dynamics and Harmful Algal Bloom, M. Babin, C.S. Roesler and J.J. Cullen, eds. UNESCO Publishing, Paris, France.
Boss, E. and S. Maritorena, 2006. Chapter 3, Uncertainties in the Products of Ocean-Colour Remote Sensing* PDF
Boss, E. and C. Roesler, 2006. Chapter 8, Over Constrained Linear Matrix Inversion with Statistical Selection* PDF
Arnone, R., H. Loisel, K. Carder, E. Boss, S. Maritorena, and Z. Lee, 2006. Chapter 13, Examples of IOP Applications* PDF
Lee, Z., R. Zaneveld, S. Maritorena, H. Loisel, R. Doerffer, P. Lyon, E. Boss, K. Carder, E. Devred, and R. Arnone, 2006. Chapter 14, Summary and Conclusions* PDF
*IOCCG (2006). Remote Sensing of Inherent Optical Properties: Fundamentals, Tests of Algorithms, and Applications. Lee, Z.-P. (ed.), Reports of the International Ocean-Colour Coordinating Group, No. 5, IOCCG, Dartmouth, Canada. Full Report

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