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Boss, E., and L. Taylor, 2008. Comparison of Optical Methods Used for Estimation of Particulate Matter in Coastal Waters. 2008 National Water Quality Monitoring Conference, Atlantic City, NJ, May 18-22, 2008. Poster
Russo, C. and E. Boss, 2008. Measuring Suspended Sediments Using High Resolution Acoustic Velocimeters. Ocean Sciences Meeting, Orlando, Florida. PDF
Boss, E., 2006. Particle dynamics, scattering and remote sensing in the coastal ocean. NOAA - CREST Seminar Series. PDF
Boss, E., 2004. Workshop on Marine Optics and Ocean Biogeochemistry (Parts 1-5). Weizmann Institute of Science. Link
Boss, E., 2002. (1) Particulate and Dissolved Properties Inferred from in situ Optical Measurements and (2) Effect of Bottom Substrate on Inherent Optical Properties: Evidence of Biogeochemical Processes. USGS' Center for Coastal and Regional Marine Studies and the University of South Florida's College of Marine Science, St. Petersburg, FL. Link
Karp-Boss L., P.A. Wheeler, B. Hales and P. Covert, 2002. Organic material in the Oregon upwelling zone: distributions and processes. Ocean Sciences Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Karp-Boss L., M.V. Orellana, P. Verdugo, and P.A. Jumars, 2000. Shear effects on Marine Polymer gels. Ocean Sciences Meeting, San Antonio, Texas.
Karp-Boss L., S. Pegau, E. Boss and P.A. Wheeler. Spatial variability of particulate and dissolved material in relation to hydrographic parameters, in an upwelling system. ASLO, Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Karp-Boss L., P.A. Jumars and E. Boss, 1999. Effects of simple shear flow on swimming orientations of dinoflagellates. ASLO, Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Santa Fe, New Mexico (invited).
Taylor, L.G. and House, M.E., 1999. GIS-Based Data Management for Environmental Investigations: 1999 Proceedings of Geospatial Information & Technology Association Conference XXII. Abstract

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