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Thomas Leeuw
Thomas Leeuw
Graduate Student, Oceanography

Areas of Interest
  • Marine optics
  • Marine biology and ecology
  • Photobiology
  • Remote sensing
  • BS 2012, Marine Science, University of Maine
Boss, Emmanuel, Marc Picheral, Thomas Leeuw, Alison Chase, Eric Karsenti, Gabriel Gorsky, Lisa Taylor, Wayne Slade, Josephine Ras, and Herve Claustre, 2013. The characteristics of particulate absorption, scattering and attenuation coefficients in the surface ocean; Contribution of the Tara Oceans expedition. Methods in Oceanography, PDF
Leeuw, Thomas, Emmanuel S. Boss, and Dana L. Wright, 2013. In situ Measurements of phytoplankton dluorescence using low cost electronics. Sensors, 13, 7872-7883, doi:10.3390/s130607872. PDF
Leeuw, T., S. O. Newburg, E. S. Boss, W. H. Slade, M. G. Soroka, J. Pederson, C. Chryssostomidis, and F. S. Hover, 2013. Remote identification of the invasive tunicate Didemnum vexillum using reflectance spectroscopy. Appl. Opt. 52, 1758-1763. PDF
Werdell, Jeremy P., Christopher W. Proctor, Emmanuel Boss, Thomas Leeuw, and Mustapha Ouhssain, 2013. Underway sampling of marine inherent optical properties on the Tara Oceans expedition as a novel resource for ocean color satellite data product validation. Methods in Oceanography, PDF
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